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Frequently Asked Questions

About Micro Weddings

What is a small wedding?

A small wedding has 50 or fewer guests, which allows you to focus on the people who matter most and use your wedding resources for an enhanced guest experience. 

Who is a micro wedding perfect for?

Whether you want to celebrate safely, reduce costs, or limit unnecessary guests, micro weddings let you fall head over heels for your partner again without falling into debt. Share your special moment with those you love the most, at a beautiful venue with professional wedding décor and a personalized ambience. 

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding has 30 or fewer guests and takes place in 90 minutes at a prearranged venue. The Intimate Signature Events micro wedding package includes an officiant, photographer, wedding cake, and all other important wedding details, so you can celebrate your day stress-free.

While some couples choose to have mico weddings now and a larger celebration later, this modern wedding style is becoming more and more popular among couples as the main event.

Is a micro wedding COVID-19 safe? 

Intimate Signature Events is very serious about the health and safety of our staff, clients, and event guests. A large part of our event planning process includes measures to ensure the event is safe and everyone is comfortable. In addition, Michelle Harrison Intimate Signature Events works with a COVID-19 Specialist who tracks the virus and stays informed of all the latest CDC, state, and local guidelines. Especially today, we highly recommend micro weddings as an alternative to larger, risky gatherings. 


Click here for more information on Georgia event guidelines. 

Wedding Table Set

Can I bring my own vendors?

For small weddings and home celebrations, our experts will work with you to identify the perfect vendors to meet your budget and vision, including any vendors you prefer. However, the Intimate Signature Events Micro Wedding Package already includes carefully selected, high-quality photographers, caterers, and other vendors so you’re already taken care of!  

Can I invite more than 30 people to my micro wedding?

Though micro weddings are limited to 30 guests, additional guests may be added depending on the venue and for an extra guest fee. If you’ve already made your reservation and are expecting more than 30 guests, please contact us as soon as you can so we can accommodate the additions, if possible. 

Do we get married with other couples in a micro wedding?

Not at all! You select the preferred time for your 90-minute event at an available venue and our experts ensure that your experience is special, unique, and all your own. 

Where is the Michelle Harrison Intimate Signature Events team based? 

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and offer an array of wedding and event services in the local area.

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